Thesis on new model based development too for lean and agile environment

The development organization consists of tens of developer teams who develop software for embedded carrier grade telecommunication devices.

The focus of the analysis is on tool’s applicability to the organization’s ways of working. The ways of working are based on the Lean and agile software development principles. The tool’s usability is also addressed by the thesis author, but no systematic usability tests were conducted.

The analyzed development tool is designed for many-core DSP development. Ericsson has observed that the DSP development speed has slowed down drastically after the introduction of many-core DSP processor architectures. Thus, the goal of the tool is to fasten the many-core DSP code development by raising the abstraction level of the software artifact.

The telecommunications industry and its nature are explained to present the problem scenario and the demanding industry requirements for the tool. The Lean manufacturing and Lean software development are introduced to give an understanding of the culture embraced within the organization.

The software development processes used in the organization are based on the theories of agile software development. The agile development is introduced with its principles and how they are actually used. The development method for the whole organization follows loosely Scrum, which is scaled on enterprise level. Most of the teams are also using Scrum to support to their task planning and continuous improvement, by executing Scrum meetings such as the daily scrum and retrospectives.

The organization structure is explained with the tool’s different stakeholders, which consists mostly of developer teams. The currently used development environment with the most important tools and microservice architecture examples is presented.

During the case study many effects on way of working were identified, both the negative and the positive. Mostly the negative issues were related to the usability of the tool. One issue identified is the possible long term risk in the modeling tool adaptation. Once an application is designed with the modeling tool, the organization becomes dependent to the tool. Changing the development tool for the application afterwards would be a major effort.

Jarno Kyykkä (Univeristy of Helsinki): Applicability of a model based development environment for many-core DSP programming in a large-scale Lean and agile R&D organization

Botnet Threat in Android Phones & Tablets

Botnets can be explained as connected computers that are operating and generally in command of a hacker. These computers therefore turn into robot network and  termed as “Botnet”. This particular group of network are generally in countless numbers. A hacker who handles all of them utilizes these computers to send out computer viruses, spreading malicious software contamination, dispatching spams as well as harming other systems.

In accordance to a well known security software, Trojan viruses tend to be threatening Android Operating System nowadays. Malicious software such as Obad.a has been attacking devices that are operated with Android OS. This malware has been distributed together with Trojan SMS that is utilized to deliver malicious messages. These types of messages include links that whenever being clicked on by a user immediately download and install malicious software inside their tablet or perhaps Smartphone.

The messages are usually delivered to numerous users in form of Text message and this is how the process is normally repeated. Nevertheless, it is not yet verified if the current version of Android Operating System is susceptible to the infection however the older version users really need to watch out for it. Even so, it is almost always prevalent so that you will must be on the watch for this sort of messages and control your craving to click on the URL provided through text messages. You have to be cautious as it may be a Botnet infection for distributing malware.

effortless target spot is a malicious Android application that could utilize the path of Text message in live or realtime. This offer the hackers a short chance to hack directly into devices of Android users just before any individual recognizes  what is going on.

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