Not a Developer? Website Auctions is for you!

Okay then, thought I’d update you on the Flippa auctions I talked about in my post here.

Everything looked like it was going really well with the AcaiReviews site – sold for just over $1000! But … the buyer never completed the deal. Extremely frustrating to say the least. Anyway, I got my listing fee back after contacting Flippa support, so I didn’t lose out there.

It didn’t turn out bad in the end though. I listed another health related site on Flippa in December, and the person who bought that then ended up buying 6 other of my sites including the Acai reviews site for $7000.

The second site in my original post didn’t sell first time round – but did when I relisted it. So, eventually that turned round okay.

The article directory site sold first time, and everything went through okay. Took a bit longer to transfer the site over to the new owner than expected, but it was a sale. As I’d originally bought it for half the price I sold it at, and all I did was change the design ever so slightly – a good result.

The fourth site on investment advice just achieved the reserve price I set, which covered al ms costs, so I broke even.

The last site on article marketing sold above reserve but fell short of my desired price – so again okay.

After these, I went on a listed another 20 odd sites, selling about half of them.

What have I discovered? The more information you can present the better, and of course present it as positively as possible. None of the sites I sold were making any money – but had the potential to. This is a particularly hard-sell at the best of times. But on Flippa, harder than elsewhere,

If you can hold back, and get your site earning some cash, then you can expect about 11 months earnings. That seems to be the average. If the site has PR, a good Alexa ranking, and something special and unique about it, you can increase that to something nearer 18 months. And, if it doesn’t sell first time round, don’t give up!

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