Difference between Scrum and Agile | Scrum vs Agile

We are going to demystify Scrum and Agile. In the IT industry, sometimes we hear people talking about Scrum, sometimes we hear them talking about Agile. Sometimes they talk about Scrum and Agile. Sometimes it feels as if they both are the same and sometimes it feels like they are different. So what exactly is happening here? Are they same or are they different?

Agile way of software development

To understand everything, let us start from the beginning. In the early IT Industry, a software was developed by following the Waterfall approach. It was a linear approach, where the next phase of development started, only after the previous phase was completed. The process flowed like a waterfall, starting with Requirement Gathering, followed by System Design, Implementation, Testing, Deployment of the system, and then, Maintenance. Since the process was rigid, it was difficult to bring changes in software. It was time-consuming, and also risky. Waterfall model was mainly focused on Process and Tools, Comprehensive Documentation, Contract Negotiation and Following Plans. Then came a new way of thinking, which said, that the focus while software development should rather be on Individuals and Interactions, Working Software, Customer Collaboration, and Response to Change. This is known as Agile way of software development because it provides a lot of flexibility. You can be Agile by following the values manifested above. These values can be followed while following many frameworks.


Scrum is one of those frameworks. Individuals and interactions are taken care of, by constant communication between all the individuals involved in the project. Working Software is delivered, at the end of every sprint. Customer Collaboration is done, by constant feedback from customers. A positive Response to Change is given every time it is required. And then many more processes are followed in Scrum, which are based on the values given by Agile. So as a conclusion, we can say that Agile is an umbrella term, under which many frameworks exist. All these frameworks follow the values given by Agile. Scrum is one such framework. This is why scrum is termed as an Agile framework. There are a lot of things to understand when you go into details.

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